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I'm Geoff Edwards this is my vLog, a place where I introduce viewers to some of the interesting creative people I meet

Artist Series: Bob Fugger YouTube
- posted 11/09/2012

Artist Series: Damian Brennan  YouTube
- posted 12/21/2011

Artist Series: Gary Haggquist  YouTube
- posted 11/6/2011

Artist Series: Lori, Paul & Spiderlodge YouTube
- posted 8/2/2011

Artist Series:  Peter Classen YouTube
- posted 8/30/2011

The ScFi series filmed exteriors in my home town I was privalaged to meet the wonderful Tembi Locke, Dr. Munroe on Eureka. YouTube
- posted 9/16/2011


"Geoff Edwards is amazing. Always friendly, professional, and mind-bendingly prompt. He has huge amounts of talent and technical expertise. He also makes one hell of a monster."
James Farr, Tulsa, Ok James Farr
"It is always a pleasure to work with Geoff, both in his capacity as an actor and as a sound designer. He is an amazingly talented voice actor who always gives us a top-notch performancer"
Cindi Rice, Los Angeles, Ca Epic Level Entertainment
"I cannot imagine doing audio work with anyone but you"
David Bouchard, Victoria, BC David Bouchard Books
"I knew that Geoff was a great resource. Full of ideas and enthusiasm with regards to all new media. That was more than twelve years ago and I see Geoff shows no signs of letting up."
Dave Mcilroy, Vancouver, BC Play Full Screen
"Geoff's buoyant enthusiasm for every story and his depth of knowledge about the artists we covered made our work together a simple pleasure."
Chris Whitside, Toronto, On Clarion Wave